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White Lotus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Project Indochina. All Profit made will be used to fund humanitarian, community development & education programs.Visit our website for more information.

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Project Indochina provides education, housing, clean water, sanitation, health care and income generation opportunities to poor and disadvantaged children, their families and communities in Vietnam & Cambodia.







 Project Indochina Newsletter




Welcome to the first edition of Project Indochina's quarterly newsletter A New Dawn.

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   Thanks to Our Volunteers                                    A Determined Girl.




      Trung is one of our kids                                                      Lien is a 17 year old girl.She  
      who has cerebral palsy in                                                   studies in grade 12 and is the             DienTho Rehabilitation center.                                            oldest sister of two siblings.Six 
      He is now able to walk to                                                   years ago, her family experienced
      toilet, travel to the center,                                                   a lot of hardship. Lien's father
      help his mother bring food                                                  passed away from stomach  
      to the farm and go to the                                                    cancer. Within one year of his 
      market without any help.                                                    death, her mother developed 
                                                                                              a brain tumor. Since then, Lien 
                                                                                              has become the sole provider 
                                                                                              andbackbone of the family.







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